About Flex Technologies


At Flex Technologies, innovation is a critical component of our corporate DNA. In fact, industry-leading innovation has been our hallmark, starting with our founding in 1975 and continuing through today's multi-faceted operations.

With our five locations — corporate headquarters and extrusion facility in Midvale, Ohio, and manufacturing centers in Mt. Eaton, Ohio, and Lafayette, Tennessee — we have achieved a reputation for doing whatever it takes to provide our customers with optimum quality and superior cost efficient products.
A small sampling of our products include:

  • Fuel Vapor Carbon Canisters
  • Fuel Emission Assemblies
  • Mechanical and Cable Assemblies
    • Including Throttle and Choke
  • Custom Injection Molded Components
    • Fuel/Vapor Industry
  • Custom Extruded Products
  • Fuel Rollover Valves
  • 3A Extruded Tubing

Using a vertical approach to control everything from raw materials to prototyping and finished products, Flex is able to manage every step of the process: engineering, design, testing, molding, extruding and assembling.

By controlling every step, Flex customers can be assured that they will benefit from our traditional advantages — experience, planning, preparation and know-how — enabling us to function as your true partner in innovation, delivering optimum quality for every customer on every order.

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